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Skull Kidz are a deadly duo of lyricists from the St. Louis area, consisting of two unique artists; Buddha & CJ Mac. They are effective in using a wide-variety of influences/styles, in combination with passion and talent to create a current but substance driven sound of their own. Both artists have been writing songs for over ten years, however, the group has only been together a little under five years. With their energy and lyrical-depth, the Kidz made a splash, setting them apart in the St. Louis local music scene early on and have extended a reach that continues to grow by the day! With the release of their debut album, “Bottom of the Pyramid.” Alongside "The Gate Keeper" Headshot Louie , the sky is the limit for these musical mercenaries! Be on the lookout for Skull Kidz and the rest of Black Flag Music!

For Hard copies of "Bottom Of The Pyramid" go to our "STORE" and order direct , for digital downloads go to any major music retail site (itunes,spotify,amazon,google,pandora)