Creepin' thru the streets of St.Louis, Mo. Established in 2015. This New School Rap group consists of two members "Rondough" and "T.O. Dro D". Both Artist are very talented and are known for putting "emotion" and "real life" situations into their music. These Lyrical Beasts are also known for chopping it up with very fast lyrics and a very unique "story telling" type of style. Recently signing to Black Flag Music LLC. They are both hard at work putting together their debut album !!! Performing for the very 1st time at the GOTJ this year, these 2 Artist cannot wait to meet the "Family" and "Gather" !!!

For a small sample of what is yet to come from Beast Motion, be sure to check out their very 1st professional video below entitled Losin' My MInd ft. Headshot Louie